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% of the vote in, rick santorum leading mitt romney 38-37% in ohio. and in the rest of the primary newt gingrich and ron paul coming in a distant third and fourth. and virginia mitt romney wins big. 59% to 49% over ron paul. the only two names on that ballot. massachusetts a big win for mitt romney over rick santorum. 72-12%. other win for romney in massachusetts. and for neighboring vermont, romney again wins 40% to 25%. ron paul in second place. a good showing for him there. also in vermont, third and fourth place finishes those numbers coming up from ron paul and rick santorum. moving now to tennessee, rick santorum wins there over mitt romney. in tennessee romney thoughts he would do well. also in oklahoma 38% over romney. third and fourth going to gingrich and paul in that or the. in north dakota another win for santorum over ron paul in second place. mitt romney in third. newt gingrich in fourth in north dakota. in georgia a big win for newt gingrich who needed to win in his home state. third and fourth in georgia going to santorum and paul gingrich needed that one. in idaho 16% reported m
this and how she moves on and how perhaps she can help them. >> thanks. >>> in other news tonight, mitt romney took another step towards the republican nomination with the win tonight in illinois. now, before the loss, rick santorum tried to accentuate the positive. gary nurenberg is there with more. gary. >> reporter: anita, santorum had hoped to slow the growing sense of romney in eftibility in his party but romney won. 47% to santorum's 35. gingrich and paul in third and fourth place with 9 and 8% of the vote respectively. although romney spent much of his illinois primary money on broadcast ads sabotaging santorum, his victory speech sounded more tonight like a general election attack on president obama. >> after years of too many apologies and not enough jobs, historic drops in income and historic highs in gas prices, a president who doesn't hesitate to use all the means necessary to force through obama care in the american public but leaves from behind in the world. it's time to say these words, this word, enough. [ cheers and applause ] >> we've had enough. . [ cheers and applause ] >>
primaries tuesday in mississippi and alabama, while mitt romney continues to lead rick santorum says' making strides and feels confident key go ahead of romney, key win if newt gingrich gets out of the way. of course, newt gingrich says he's not leaving. >> we think that folks in mississippi and alabama are going to vote for the conservative who represents their values that can present the best contrast with president obama. >> we are going to get a lot of keel gats in both mississippi and alabama, and i think the odds are pretty good that we'll win them. >> romney did not campaign this weekend. he will join the others back on the trail on monday. saturday romney won the wyoming caucuses. romney now has 545 delegates. that's twice as many as santorum, gingrich, and ron paul combined, but it's still a long way from the 1144 needed to win the republican nomination. >>> it was a year ago today when police arrived in an up- scale bethesda store to find one young woman hog tied and another bludgeoned to death. arrest man do you trial has the details. >> reporter: (s:reporter hugh murray made a bi
and the virgin islands. mitt romney is the projected winner in wyoming. he leads the overall race for delegates with 442. santorum has 213 followed by newt gingrich with 107. ron paul has 46. 1,144 delegates are needed to win the republican nomination. reports tonight, the wins today come just ahead of an important contest in alabama and another one in mississippi. >> rick santorum delivered the news to a pumped up crowd in missouri. >> we are going to win kansas and the vast majority of delegates in kansas. >> kansas vote favored santorum where mitt romney and newt gingrich did not campaign. >> i'm voting for rick santorum. i like his stance on social issues. >> romney had a good day. the associated press is reporting he won the wyoming caucuses. gingrich spent saturday barn storming in alabama. the former house speaker signed autographs and asked for support as he works to jump start his campaign in the deep south. >> we can win alabama and mississippi tuesday night, we will reset the campaign for the 9th or 10th time. sometime on wednesday. >> gingrich is vowing to stay in the race ri
. council will revisit this handicap parking issue in 90 days. >>> presidential candidate mitt romney brought his campaign to maryland to do damage control. a top romney advisor was asked if the gop primary race was pushing romney so far to the right that he would alienate voters. they referred to an etch a sketch. romney's opponents were quick to portray him as a flip flop candidate. he says his policies will be s same. >>> rick santorum is down playing his seconds place finish in illinois. he's focusing instead on saturday's primary in louisiana where the latest poll numbers show him holding a 13 point advantage over romney. on april 3rd voters here in d. c. maryland and in wisconsin will go to the polls. now it is a big gap from there to april 24th when five states including new york and pennsylvania will hold their primary. >>> talk about one for the ages. today some of the country's top political leaders honored u. s. senator barbara mikulski for being the longest serving woman ever in congress. she was first elected to the house of representatives in 1975, the senate in 1986.
and that is going on. >> reporter: they have limited choices, ron paul and mitt romney. >> and because they are the only ones who managed to get on the ballot. >> reporter: newt gingrich and rick santorum concentrated on earlier contests. romney got a boost on sunday from virginia's eric canter. >> he came out and agreed to endorse me which was great news. >> reporter: but helped santorum run as the political outsider. >> all of them have lined up behind the guy next in line with the most money. >> both santorum and romney held rallies in ohio, tuesday's big prize. >> if mitt romney can win ohio and he does well in places like georgia and tennessee and oklahoma, well, i think it will be tough to deny him the domination. >> reporter: but if santorum can do well in southern states and beat newt gingrich and georgia. >> then i think that he will be positioned to take us all the way to the convention. >> that is important to his continued candidacy. some virginia voters at that ron paul rally told them that they would like to see him leave a third party effort if he does not get the republ
at the murder case. >>> plus, mitt romney's opponent takes advantage of his campaign staff. the latest political blender. topper? >>> well, 76 today. now, it could be even warmer tomorrow. we'll show you the wakeup weather. yes, we'll have fog. we won't be as widespread as we were this morning. but you might want to allow a little extra time. that'll be at 5:00 and the low 60s here for you by 9:00. we'll come back and talk about the possibility of the record highs for you tomorrow and we checked the weekend forecast. we'll talk about that too. >>> new information tonight. at least one person has died after a commercial building came crumbling down on the upper manhattan this morning. three construction workers were buried alive by the concrete steel and brick. firefighters were working feverishly to free the victims. two survived, but they had pretty serious injuries. the building commissioner believes that a cut in the beam is what caused it. >> a raw emotion for you at the end of the murder trial. relatives of the murder victim erupt in disbelief and enraged this view after the jury acquitted
romney to prove to his party he could win among the most conservative voters in the south. it did not happen. alabama, santorum wins 35%. newt gingrich in second place. mitt romney in third. ron paul in fourth. in mississippi, santorum wins there as well. gingrich again second place. romney again third, not getting the wins he was hoping for. ron paul a distant fourth. the first projection tonight for the santorum win in alabama. the first candidate to the podium tonight, no surprise, rick santorum. >> we did it again. [ cheers and applause ] >> we will compete everywhere. the time is now for conservatives to pull together. the time is now to make sure, to make sure that we have the best chance to win this election and the best chance to win this election is to nominate a conservative to go up against barack obama who can take him on on every issue. [ cheers and applause ] >> rick santorum obviously believes he's the guy to do that. nick gingrich still at the podium had similar thoughts, says he's staying in. >> this is proportional representation. we're going to leave alabama and
to draw distinctions between himself and mitt romney. listen to what happened when a reporter asked santorum about his attacks on romney. >> you said mitt romney is the worst republican in the country. is that true? >> what speech did you listen to? >> right here. >> stop lying. quit distorting our words. if i see it, it's bleep. come on, man. >> santorum clarified his remarks saying what he meant was romney could not take on obama when it comes to health care. >>> in the weather center we're talking about potential for freeze in the d.c. metro area. >> i got off the phone with robert black in the kentucky mountain orchard. he's down to 39 degrees. and we're kind of concerned about the folks up there. >> you've been saying all along, we shouldn't have been lulled in with the warm weather to start putting things in the ground. >> we wouldn't have had a freeze warning except the plants are three weeks ahead of schedule. consequently the entire metro area under a freeze warning. you're not going to have any problems, as far as a homeowner is concerned, you shouldn't have planted anythi
romney made a brief appearance in mobile before taking the rest of the day off on the campaign trail to celebrate his 65th birthday. a pullout this morning by cbs news and the "new york times" finds 73% of the primary voters asked believe romney will be theeventual nominee. >>> new estimates about the cost of reforming health care in our nation. tonight we're learning more about what the president's plan will look like, to cover up to 50 million people who don't have insurance right now. they released their blueprint for state-based markets today and saying starting in january 2014, exchangeses must be up and running in every state. right now 13 states and the district have these plans in motion. many others are doing a wait and see approach to see what happens after the supreme court here's arguments on the constitutionality. >>> a bill had make it illegal to smoke with anyone younger than 8 in your car is getting pry limb nary approval in the senate. they say this would be easy for the police to monday nor since children under 8 are supposed to also be in car seats. opponents say i
romney clinches the nomination. another republican candidate ron paul was in the area. he spoke to a packed house at the university of maryland. topper. >>> the breedses are picking up. the cold front is about to move through. we hit 72 today. behind it, it will be cooler. here's your wake-up weather. light jacket probably a good idea. upper 40s, low 50s at 7:00. in the 50s by 9:00. we'll come back, tell you how warm it's going to get. we made some changes. >>> if you know the theme song to the beverly hill billies, then you know the work of bluegrass banjo legend earl scruggs. he died today at a hospital in nashville. he worked with other legends like bill monroe and lester flats and is credited from elevating the banjo from the rhythm section to a bona fide lead. >>> this video set to music has been playing around the museum for the past six nights. so what's the deal? we sent our own matt jablow out there to get it for us. he joins us live from the mall where it is playing right now. matt. >> reporter: derek, what do you get when you combine a classic american love song, some
romney has won the washington state republican caucuses. he defeated rick perry and ron paul who were battling for second place tonight. newt gingrich, he trailed further behind. 40 delegates are at stake. now on tuesday, that's the big prize. more than 400 delegates up for grabs and voting takes place in some seven -- make that ten states. >>> d.c. businessman jeffrey thompson raise big money for most of the district's recent mayors and council members. last night the fbi and irs raided thompson's home in northwest washington. people close to him believe he's under investigation because prosecutors want to know if all the dollars steered to local campaigns were legal. aftercommando troublearmando trull got reaction today. >> reporter: according to published reports, thompson, his many companies, employees, associates and contractors have contributed over $730,000 in the last ten years alone. orange, $100,000, mayor gray, $90,000. council chair kwame brown, $33,000. just about every sitting member of the council except for tommy wells has gotten a thompson connected check. has mr. tho
states that will hold primaries on tuesday. the delegate count looked this way tonight. mitt romney is at the top with 203 delegates. rick santorum is the distant second with 9 # delegates and santorum says he can do better if the field narrows. that of course means if newt gingrich bows out. gingrich has 33 delegates right now. ron paul is in fourth place with 25 delegates. 1144 will needed to secure -- are needed to secure the nomination for president. >>> the election hasn't been decided but already people are making big plains to be in washington -- plans to be in wa for the presidential -- washington for the presidential inaugural event. armando trull reports tonight the hotel rooms are going, going, gone. ♪ >> reporter: this is how they roll at the willard hotel. this weekend it was a parietal exhibition but the willard has been hosting presidents and presidential inaugurals since 1850. >> henry willard was a very savvy man. he thought this would become the residence of presidents and it has. >> reporter: those lucky enough to snag a presidential suite at the willard will ge
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23 (some duplicates have been removed)